Top 100 Amusements

Package Name Summary
61 extreme-tuxracer Paketliste Open source racing game featuring Tux the Linux Penguin
62 supertux2 Paketliste Jump'n run game
63 assaultcube Paketliste realistic first-person-shooter
64 gamine-data Paketliste data files for gamine game
65 meritous Paketliste Mertious is a action-adventure game with simple controls but a challenge to find a balance of power verses recovery time during real-time battles. Set in a fractually-generated world, the player can explore thousands of rooms in search of powerful artifacts, tools to help them, and to eventually free the Orcus Dome from evil.
66 balazar3-3d Paketliste dungeon adventure game with multiplayer support - 3D version
67 simutrans-pak64 Paketliste Transport simulation - pak64
68 drascula Paketliste The Vampire Strikes Back
69 0ad-data-common Paketliste Real-time strategy game of ancient warfare (common data files)
70 minetest-server Paketliste Minetest multiplayer server
71 sankore Paketliste The open-source software suite for digital teachers
72 iapetal Paketliste A 2D space rescue game
73 flare Paketliste A single player, 2D-isometric, action Role-Playing Game
74 xkarel Paketliste Programming language Karel
75 etlegacy Paketliste Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60b compatible client/server
76 bsod Paketliste The famous Blue Screen of Death for *NIX
77 advancemenu Paketliste An emulator frontend
78 ksuperkey Paketliste Linux utility to make Super key send Alt+F1 key events
79 0verkill Paketliste 0verkill - ASCII-art multiplayer game
80 crossfire-client-images Paketliste Image cache for crossfire clients