Top 100 Amusements

Package Name Summary
61 sl Paketliste Joke command for when you type 'sl' instead of 'ls'
62 ppracer Paketliste PlanetPenguin Racer is an OpenGL racing game featuring Tux (old TuxRacer)
63 glest Paketliste a free 3D real-time customizable strategy game
64 fairymax Paketliste A XBoard compatible chess and chess-variant engine
65 kcometen4 Paketliste An OpenGL screensaver with exploding comets for KDE4
66 MegaMek Paketliste A portable, network-enabled BattleTech engine
67 xblast-data Paketliste Data files for the game xblast
68 dds Paketliste bridge double dummy solver - frontend
69 wordplay Paketliste anagram generator
70 FreeDoko Paketliste Doppelkopf-game
71 dangen Paketliste shoot 'em up game where accurate shooting matters
72 komi Paketliste Single player arcade game with Komi the Space Frog!
73 einstein Paketliste An implementation of Albert Einstein's puzzle
74 sjeng-free Paketliste Chess program that plays many variants
75 PlayOnLinux Paketliste Play your Windows games on Linux
76 kde-screensaver-kcometen3 Paketliste KCometen3 - OpenGL screensaver for KDE
77 meritous Paketliste Mertious is a action-adventure game with simple controls but a challenge to find a balance of power verses recovery time during real-time battles. Set in a fractually-generated world, the player can explore thousands of rooms in search of powerful artifacts, tools to help them, and to eventually free the Orcus Dome from evil.
78 sdl-ball Paketliste A Free/OpenSource brick-breaking game with pretty graphics
79 performous Paketliste Performous - The All-in-One Music Game
80 skychart Paketliste Planetarium software for the advanced amateur astronomer